What Students are Saying

“I gained so much insight—how to deal with people, how to motivate people, how to advance them to the next level. I actually took some of the things I learned in ‘Management Concepts’ and trained the supervisors in my department with it!” “Albright is the most adult-friendly program I’ve ever seen.”

Tracy Hemmerle
Organizational Behavior/Applied Psychology


“Everyone [at AT Still University] is so friendly and nice. We love how many students have families and young children.”

DO Student


“The teachers at Benedictine are great. They aren’t just reading out of a book, they are telling you about things they have experienced themselves.”

Mike Woolf



“Attending Upper Iowa University was a great opportunity for me. The teachers and staff truly care about its students. I liked best the open discussions with teachers. They do more than teach. They are professionals in the real world. At Upper Iowa, you are not a number.”

Christopher Klein
Student from New Orleans


Westminsters liberal arts education gives students the chance to try many things and decide the best path to pursue. Through programs such as study abroad, students, like me, can gain firsthand experience living and learning about culture. I studied abroad twice in Salamanca, Spain, and once in Malaga, Spain; due to these experiences and the knowledge I gained from my Spanish, Business, and Leadership courses at Westminster, I truly feel I graduated from Westminster as a ‘global leader.’”

Whitney Griffin
Recent Graduate


“Throughout the (Wilkes University) Engineering Management graduate program, I’ve been able to share ideas with professors who were also full-time managers or engineers. I could, and still do, apply the things I learned in class on a daily basis at my job as an engineer.”

John Zelena


“I came to Mesa Community College because of the location and the community. There are a lot of people who have graduated from here and been successful. I am studying special education. The school has a great program called service learning where you use your education in your chosen field. It helped me to figure out if it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. Through this program, I now know that special education really is my calling.”

Omar Rodriguez