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cigarette entrepreneur takes on new industry’s bad rap

The UpTake: Electronic cigarettes are a growing market with powerful doomsayers and fans alike. The founder of one company making this new kind of tobacco product shares his thoughts on addiction, marketing to non smokers, and government regulation.

By now we’ve all seen these strange, smokeless sticks that emit a nicotine infused vapor when inhaled. They’re smoke free, tar free, carbon monoxide free and odor free. And addicting. But so long as they aren’t marketed to non smokers, perpetuating addiction, could this technology revolutionize the tobacco industry?

We had a chance to ask Andries Verleur the founder of V2, a Miami based electronic cigarette company, some frank questions about addiction, targeting non smokers as customers, and government regulation of the industry.

Below are his emailed answers edited cheap jerseys for length:

No. Not at all, evidenced by our mission statement. To be successful in any business, you have to understand the consumer base that’s interested in your product. The one thing almost all e cig customers share is that they are current smokers. Through our social networks, blogs, forum, etc., our customers report having successfully used V2 Cigs to reduce their ingestion of tobacco cigarettes and have even successfully stopped using cigarettes entirely. As per industry standards, we make no health claims however and simply try to offer smokers a better alternative to traditional tobacco. Smokers are our only core product wholesale jerseys demographic.

We have not and do not wholesale jerseys from china suggest, imply or even research non smoker markets. We believe our product is a better alternative “for cheap jerseys smokers” than smoking, and we strongly believe in it. I developed it to meet my personal desire for an authentic smoking alternative, and now millions of smokers are satisfied by the advancements we’ve made to the industry.Articles Connexes: