Mesa Educates U Scholarship Program

Every student ‘counts’

Mesa community initiative helps students realize their education dreams
By Beth Lipham

Dreams of going to college shouldn’t be dictated by how much money you have. Not if the City of Mesa and its partners have anything to say about it.

The arrival of Benedictine University, Upper Iowa University and Wilkes University brings opportunity for Mesa residents.  The City of Mesa has announced a partnership with these new liberal arts institutions to create the Mesa Educates U Scholarship Program, a Mesa Counts on College initiative.  Financial funding plays a critical role in student achievement.  To assist area students, four liberal arts colleges with Mesa campus locations are each offering annual scholarships to Mesa residents who have demonstrated strong academic performance and financial need.

Shea Joachim, Economic Development Project Manager for the City of Mesa, praised the commitment of the four institutions participating in the Scholarship Program. “We are excited that our liberal arts institutions are providing financial scholarships to help Mesa residents complete their college degrees,” stated Joachim.

The scholarships are awarded as part of the individual institution’s admissions process.  Interested students should inquire with each institution about degree program offerings and the admission processThe Mesa Educates U Scholarship commitments for each of the institutions’ undergraduate degree programs are described below:

While each college targets different student populations, the scholarships share a common focus. All applicants should be a Mesa resident, demonstrate strong academic performance, and have a strong financial need.  Preference will be given to students whose parents have not graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.


How to Apply

The scholarships are awarded as part of the individual institution’s admissions process.  Interested students should inquire with each institution about degree program offerings and the admission process.

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