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Make Mesa your home town

Mesa offers plenty of housing options for students attending five new universities
By Debra Gelbart

Make Mesa Your Home TownThe choices for college students in Mesa have increased immensely — not just from among multiple higher education institutions but with housing as well. Mesa has plenty of high-quality residence options situated just steps from walkable, bustling, growing downtown.

Options for in-state and out-of-state students include luxury housing that may interest faculty and graduate students and studio apartments for the more cost-conscious students. A number of single-family homes available for rent or to buy also are located in the downtown area. For those who don’t mind living a bit farther away, several beautifully maintained single-family homes, townhomes and condos are available within five miles of downtown.

“These quality housing options can be accessed for a price that simply can’t be found in other markets, especially the west coast,” said Jaye O’Donnell, deputy director of the Office of Economic Development in the City of Mesa.

“For those who choose to live downtown, they can enjoy a true urban lifestyle,” she said, “and they can look forward to the light rail coming to downtown in a few years.” Last year, Mesa’s downtown won an award from the magazine “This Old House.” Here is what the editors said about Mesa: “Downtown Mesa … attracts young professionals, empty nesters and families with its easy access to the city. They also cherish the neighborhood’s historic architecture…”

It’s not just residents who love the historic ambiance and livability of downtown. Business owners like Betty Freeman do, too. She and daughter Carrie Hensley co-own Inside the Bungalow, a yoga studio and café located at 48 N. Robson, just south of 1st Street. “So many areas are walkable here,” Freeman said, “and with the light rail coming through, businesses will become even more accessible to students and residents.”

Freeman is delighted by the prospect of new universities coming to town. “The city of Mesa has done a wonderful job recruiting top-notch educational institutions,” she said. “The schools are a great fit for downtown and this is a such a great opportunity for our business,” she said.