Upper Iowa University

For more than 155 years, Upper Iowa University (UIU) has offered student-centered undergraduate and graduate educational programs with an eye on flexibility. That flexibility is on display now more than ever as Iowa’s largest private independent university uses multiple delivery systems and technology to reach thousands of students annually while encouraging and embracing diversity and not losing sight of its rich heritage and quality curriculum.

Originated in Fayette, Iowa, in 1857, UIU has never been a university confined by physical boundaries. In 1920, it was considered “a pioneer in the field” when it began an extension system throughout northeastern Iowa. In 1972, it launched an external degree program, one of the first in the United States. In 1984 a systematic establishment of learning centers began with additions in Des Moines, Iowa, Wisconsin and Kansas. The expansions continued into the 1990s and today with the addition of its 19th U.S. education center in Mesa, Arizona.

UIU’s vision is to be recognized and respected as an exceptional and ascending institution of higher learning, developing global citizens who become lifelong learners prepared for leadership within society. UIU sees itself as a lifelong partner to those who strive for excellence and success in a complex and ever-changing world. The college’s team of professionals engages with communities on issues like workforce and economic development, community outreach and partnership development.

UIU has produced many successful alumni members as well.  Some of the most notable names that make up this list are: John R. Mott, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; David B. Henderson, the first Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives west of the Mississippi River; Dr. Arlie V. Bock, called the founding father of sports medicine; and William Andres, who led the Dayton Hudson Corporation’s growth from a regional department store chain to a national retailing powerhouse including the rapid expansion of Target stores, just to name a few.

The Mesa Center follows the university’s unique academic calendar that offers classes in six 8-week terms year-round. The university’s online and independent study programs allow students to find additional options for pursuing their coursework. The Mesa Center offers advising services to develop your unique degree plan tailored to meet your individual needs.

UIU-Mesa offers the following majors: Business (Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, and Management); Criminal Justice; Human Services; Nursing – RN to BSN; Psychology; Public Administration (General, Law Enforcement or Fire Science emphases); and Social Science.

Financial aid and scholarships are available.  For more information please visit the UIU website at www.uiu.edu/mesa or call the UIU-Mesa Center at 480-461-6790.