Exciting Majors at Westminster College-Phoenix/Mesa That Lead To Bright Futures

Want to design a business, help a local entrepreneur, or run a simulated global company? These are just a few of the fun class projects students can experience when they pursue an international business degree at Westminster College-Phoenix/Mesa.

Westminster’s international business major covers all the traditional areas of a business degree such as management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and management information systems as well as a solid background in history, philosophy, religion, politics, sociology, a foreign language, and international studies. Students can also propose their own area of concentration or minor area of study to further individualize their educational experience. The knowledge of language, culture, and politics students gain will prepare them to work in a large multinational corporation, for the U.S. government, or as part of an international not-for-profit organization.

Or they can explore another of the strong and exciting majors at Westminster’s Mesa campus such as Management Information Systems (MIS). Students will learn many different information tools and software applications, evaluate new hardware and gain the confidence to learn new programs and technologies. Yet all classes are driven by business strategy and user needs. Each class typically requires either research or analysis of a real-world application or development of one project.

The classes will blend theory and practice in the hottest new technology fields, and students will have opportunities to become proficient in e-commerce, develop applications, and collaborate with real-life IT professionals. Graduates in this field have gone on to be systems engineers and analyst brokers of major companies, presidents of data systems corporations, or graduates of prestigious MBA and engineering graduate school programs.

For more information on these and other great majors such as psychology, pre-med, or transnational studies offered at Westminster College-Phoenix/Mesa, prospective students should visit the Westminster College Phoenix/Mesa website.

Arab Spring and its Consequences: Mesa Scholars Series event

Revolt spread like wildfire across the Arab and Muslim worlds in 2011, from Tunisia to Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula. It inspired many all around the world, and its impact continues.  It wasn’t bombs and ideological fervor that led to the unrest.  Rather, it was young people and social media that provided the spark of peaceful resistance and the calls for democracy.

Westminster College Mesa presents Dr. Kurt Jefferson in a Spring Scholars Series event:

“Arab Spring and its Consequences: Young People Standing for Change”
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM
245 W 2nd St, Mesa AZ 85201.

Join us if you realize how interconnected world events are, if you would like to study and solve global problems in our Transnational Studies major, or if you would like to find out about Westminster’s Churchill Institute.

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Mesa Spring Scholars Series

How Close Are We to Curing Cancer?

How close ARE we to curing cancer? And are naked mole rats part of the answer?

Join us for this Spring Scholars Series event to check out Westminster College Mesa and our new Premed program, if you are considering a biology major, or if you would like to stay abreast of medical developments!

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Happy Holidays from Westminster!

Westminster College wishes you peace and joy this holiday season.  Enjoy this special message from members of the Westminster family.

Degree in English? Job in NYC

Westminster alum Chelsea Tuthill, ’12, shares how her career path has taken her to Kosovo and New York City since graduation day.

Graduating from Westminster in 2012 with a degree in English Literature has led me down a wonderful and interesting path. The wide variety of journalism and literature classes I took not only helped me grow as a person, but it has given me endless career opportunities.  A few months after graduation I began teaching English as a Second Language in Prishtina, Kosovo. After completing the academic year abroad, I returned to America to pursue a career opportunity in the world of writing and publishing. I have recently begun working at American Media, Inc. in Manhattan.

Though it is a recent start for me in New York, I have already been able to work on projects for both Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines. My first piece can be found on mensfitness.com, a brief “how-to” for men who want to get their wives or girlfriends involved in watching sports with them. I am currently working on a project exploring the world of bodybuilding and where it first began.

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Two Exciting Events Coming up at Westminster College Mesa

Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking

Westminster College-Mesa is partnering with Mesa Community College Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action program to raise awareness of human trafficking. The event kicks off with a reception and panel at Westminster’s Mesa campus.

On Tuesday, December 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mesa Center for Higher Education, Westminster will host a panel discussion and Q&A on human trafficking, plus the opportunity to take action and donate with Streetlight USA. Through direct care, prevention and public awareness, StreetLightUSA provides a three-pronged approach to fulfilling its mission of stopping child rape.

For more information, visit http://news.westminster-mo.edu/mesa/stop-human-trafficking-westminster-mesa-event/

Click here for full list of planned events for the week: https://www.mesacc.edu/students/phi-theta-kappa/honors-action/human-trafficking

Transfer Night and Free Time Management Workshop

Are you thinking about transferring colleges? Come to our College Transfer Night, Wednesday December 4, from 6-8pm to learn what Westminster Mesa has to offer you. Perspective students and their parents will be able to talk about scholarships and application requirements as well as learn about transferring credits for the upcoming spring semester.

While you’re there, don’t miss a FREE workshop on Time Management, by Westminster’s own Dr. Selcen Phelps. There will be free food and t-shirts, so don’t miss this great event!

Westminster College Mesa is located in the Mesa Center for Higher Education at 245 West 2nd Street, Mesa, Arizona 85201.

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You’re Invited to Parents’ Night on November 6

Don’t miss Parent’s Night TOMORROW, November 6 from 7-9 pm at our campus in the Mesa Center for Higher Education.

Enjoy free food and t-shirts while you learn all about Westminster, one of the nation’s top private liberal arts colleges. You’ll also have a chance to win an iPad mini!

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Westminster Professor Matt Murrie Reflects on Westminster Mesa

Westminster Professor Matt Murrie ’98 visited our campus there over Labor Day weekend. Read below for some of what he learned on his trip to Westminster West.

“My trip also made me realize there are a few things that can be easily overlooked on the Fulton campus of Westminster, but impossible to ignore when meeting with Mesa students, faculty, and staff. What Westminster lacks in number of students, it more than makes up for in the enthusiasm of its students. Enthusiasm is contagious; get them excited and their numbers will grow. The Mesa students are not disappointed to be the first class in a building still being built out; they feel anointed to be the class who gets to pave the way for the rest. Empty seats do not discourage them; they’re motivated to hit the streets to recruit the next class of students to fill them. And they’re doing it. These students are spending their free time spreading the word about Westminster. Most importantly, the education Westminster offers is as rare as a snowstorm in the Arizona desert. They don’t just value a liberal arts education, they thirst for it; and now they’re letting their friends and neighbors know it’s arrived. All Westminster has to do is deliver what we’ve been doing for the past 162 years.”

To read Matt’s full blog post, visit our news site!

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Westminster Selected as One of the Top Liberal Arts Colleges in the Nation

Westminster College was notified by U.S.News & World Report today that Westminster has been selected as one of the two Best Liberal Arts Colleges in Missouri and one of the top 150 liberal arts colleges in the nation this year.

This represents Westminster’s highest ranking since 2006.

“We are pleased that this national evaluation has recognized the academic excellence students find at Westminster in comparison to many other colleges around the country,” says Westminster President Dr. George B. Forsythe. “Just as we have for over 150 years, we will continue to prepare young men and women for lives of success, to step forward and make a difference in their families, neighbors, organizations and communities.”

Research data available indicates Westminster’s rise in the rankings can be attributed to improved graduation and retention rates over last year. Westminster’s most current retention rate is 83%, which is considered high. More than 70% of Westminster students graduate within four years, compared to 38% of the students at public universities.

Westminster prides itself on helping students achieve successful outcomes. Ninety-six percent of Westminster graduates start their first job or enroll in graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation.

Nationally recognized as a College with a reputation of academic excellence in preparing leaders in a global community, Westminster moved up in the U.S.News rankings five places over last year to tie William Jewel College for 146th place nationally and first among Missouri liberal arts institutions.

Westminster College is one of the select colleges that compete against all liberal arts colleges in the nation in their category. Most colleges and universities are placed in the regional categories of North, South, Midwest and West where they are only ranked in comparison to their peers in the region.

The top four nationally are Williams College (MA), Amherst College (MA), Swarthmore College (PA) and Bowdoin College (ME).

In order to qualify for designation as a national liberal arts college, schools must award at least half of their degrees in the arts and sciences such as English, the biological and physical sciences, history and the visual and performing arts.

Criteria used includes undergraduate academic excellence as determined by college presidents, provosts, admission deans and high school counselors; student retention; faculty resources; student selectivity; financial resources; graduation rate performance; and alumni giving rate.

U.S.News & World Report, a national magazine, evaluates America’s colleges and universities for their academic excellence annually and publishes the findings in the newsstand book “America’s Best Colleges.”

More information on “America’s Best Colleges” can be found at U.S. News & World Report’s website or by purchasing the new edition of “America’s Best Colleges” at a local bookstore or newsstand.

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Westminster Symposium Comes to Mesa

The Westminster Symposium is a special academic experience not found at any other American college or university. Each year, the entire Westminster College community of faculty, staff, and students gather for a special two-day event to investigate one topic of global importance. Past topics have included health, religion, war in the Mideast, and the Digital Age. Noted experts on each subject visit Westminster from all over the world to take part in lectures, panel discussions, and presentations. The general public is invited to participate, so please plan to attend!

The Churchill Institute invites you to join the Westminster College community for the 2013 Westminster Symposium, “Global Sport: A Common Language in a Diverse World?”, on September 17 and 18 in Fulton, Missouri & Mesa, Arizona. This two-day event will explore how and why sport changes lives, serves as a force for greatness, and impacts entire societies – for better and for worse – across the world.

Sport encapsulates the unity and division of modern societies. From expressions of the sublime in human potential to the pathologies of human behavior, sport mirrors the human condition.

How a culture views sport says much about its values.  The 2013 Symposium explores a wide variety of global sports and focuses on sport’s social, physiological, cultural, economic, political, and historical components. Read about some of this year’s presenters on our news site.

While much of the program will take place on Westminster’s Fulton campus, all keynote lectures will be live streamed for both the Mesa campus and the general public to view. Westminster Mesa will host its own discussions and lectures in addition to these live streamed presentations. The general public is invited to attend all programming at the Mesa Center for Higher Education. More information can be found concerning the Mesa program on Westminster’s website.

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